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Providing Planning Solutions

Claremont Planning specialises in development planning, providing advice on the most effective way of realising consents, the delivery of projects and how to maximise site potential.


For clients with development aspirations, Claremont Planning can provide guidance upon required planning consents, the opportunity to deliver a site allocation and how to maximise the chances of achieving them. This may require a coordinated approach with Local Planning Authorities and Neighbourhood Plan Forums to promote sites for development and make planning applications. In some cases this approach can be less confrontational and deliver consent by identifying what is needed within a local community and Council wide aspirations for development.


Claremont Planning recognises that opportunities to deliver developments and maximise housing potential should be realised and strives to provide a sound monitoring basis so that opportunities are not missed. Realising the fundamental lack of a five-year land supply across authority areas and the potential for delivering development applications is a key component of Claremont Planning’s offer.

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